Why is my Google Ads Bounce Rate so High?

What is Bounce Rate in Google Ads?

Google defines your bounce rate as the percentage of single-page visits your website gets. In other words, the number of sessions in which your visitors left your site from the ‘entrance page’, without actually interacting with the page. In the simplest terms, your Google Ads bounce rate tells you what percentage of total visitors only viewed a single page of your website. They have essentially ‘bounced’ from the page.

Your PPC bounce rate can be one of the most perplexing metrics when it comes to the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. Many people assume having a high bounce rate is an immediate indicator of a poor Google Ads campaign or PPC video campaign, but that’s not necessarily true. The underlying reason for a high bounce rate can be reasonably complex.

What is Considered a Good Bounce Rate?

Some websites that hold an 85% bounce rate might be considered to be performing well, while that percentage might make some other digital marketers quiver. The reality is that there is no universally-accepted ‘good’ bounce rate for your site or PPC or Google Ads campaign.

It ultimately depends on your website and goals.

Companies often use their Google bounce rates as a measuring tool for how well their digital marketing campaigns are performing.

While it’s an important metric to look at, it shouldn’t be the sole defining factor of a Google PPC campaign’s effectiveness. However, many people want to reduce this percentage figure as much as possible.

There is nothing wrong with trying to reduce your Google Ads bounce rate, and the PPC video marketing specialists Ginger Digital have some valuable tips on how to do so. However, it’s important to note that this metric is inherently flawed, and you should be aware of some things before you jump right into trying to bring your bounce rate down.

Troubles with Google Ads Bounce Rate

When looking in Google Analytics, you may have noticed the other metric, which is the Time on Page metric. As its name suggests, this is an estimate of how long users spend on a page (on average).

It’s only an approximation, rather than clearly-defined, for a straightforward reason. Google Analytics requires two clicks to calculate Time on Page accurately. These two clicks are split into 1) an entrance click and 2) an exit click.

In many cases, the exit click (usually a click on a navigational element which takes users away from a page) is crucial for measuring Time on Page, and it’s often missing from the equation. This could be because users could have closed the tab or browser directly, and it doesn’t matter if they read every letter of the content you’ve written on that page. If they don’t log an exit click, that session is technically a bounce.

This is why the bounce rate is somewhat flawed as a metric. However, if you have an exceptionally high bounce rate, or it’s spiked because of some changes you’ve made to your site, you may want to consider lowering it.

Google Ads Bounce Rate

How can I Lower my Bounce Rate?

Make your content more accessible with video.

Walls of text, even if it’s full of well-written, original content, can be off-putting and overwhelming to visitors. Format your pages to be welcoming and accessible. You should be making appropriate use of headers, subheadings, images, lists and most importantly, video. This makes your content more accessible and allows readers to pick out points that are most relevant to their needs.

Putting aside the fact that your content has to be relevant and engaging, you should grab your visitors’ attention from the moment they land on your site. Videos are an excellent way to do that.

Business overview videos, explainers, case study videos, whiteboard animation videos and other types of marketing videos can be a great help in reducing your bounce rate.

Google Ads Bounce Rate

You can use creative, helpful explainer videos which tell your visitors who you are, what you do and how you can help them in a concise amount of time. They can be handy for visitors who just need a quick and exciting summary of your business.

Speak to a Google Ads Agency

Not only are Ginger Digital a video production company, but we also specialise in video marketing and distribution. We can create PPC and Google Ads video campaigns using expertly-targeted videos, and we can distribute them to your target audience across social media and YouTube.

If you would like to start saving ad budget, winning conversions and lowering your bounce rate, then please get in touch with Ginger Digital today.

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