Your Guide to Video Google Ads and YouTube Ads

If you want to reach potentially thousands of customers and teach them about your business, services and products, you may want to consider advertising on Google. Google Ads can be incredibly effective in driving the right traffic to your website who are searching for a product, service or question.

What are Google Ads?

Google offers paid advertising slots for businesses, who want to appear in front of potential customers on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google Ads were formerly known as Google AdWords, which was launched in 2000 as a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing tool. They rebranded in 2018.

Using Google Ads gives businesses the ability to purchase slots as “sponsored results” on a SERP. The search results pages denote these Google search slots with an “Ad” label, and any results which appear below Google paid ads are results that are ranking organically.

How Does It Work?

To understand all there is to know about Google Ads, you have to understand that they are focused around keywords. Advertisers choose keywords to target, which are relevant to their business. Advertisers should consider keywords that their target audience will use when searching for their services or products.

Businesses then bid on these keywords, with each bid based on the value they are willing to pay for a Google user to click on their ad. This bid value, divided by the Quality Score which Google gives your ad (based on its quality) determines the cost per click (CPC) of the advertiser for the ad.

Google Ads targeting works on this auction-esque system. To win the auction and see your Google PPC ads appear for relevant keywords, you need to ensure your Quality Score and bid amount are optimised. Higher Quality Scores can mean lower CPC, more exposure and by extension, a higher return on investment (ROI).

Why Should you Use Google Video Ads?

It’s a competitive landscape competing for keywords and ad slots. Many high volume keywords end up quite expensive to bid on, so many companies are concerned about overspending on budget.

How do you stay one step ahead of your competitors? Use video PPC ads!

Google Ads and YouTube Ads Explained

Video ads must be hosted on YouTube. Using Google Ads, you can advertise in YouTube search results or on videos themselves, and also with the Google Display Network.

In your campaigns, the biggest asset you can have is to use video content. Many people aren’t aware of how effective Google Ads for video can be, not realising that depending on their industry and competitiveness, keyword costs and competition can both be lower. You can also have much more control over who sees your video advertisement.

Google owns YouTube, and this is tremendously beneficial as Ginger Digital are experts in delivering ads for both platforms.

Tips for Successful Google Video Campaigns

There are many reasons why video Google Ads are so successful at helping advertisers stay ahead of their competition. Here at Ginger Digital, we are a video advertising agency that specialises in video production and distribution, so it’s fair to say that we know the trade inside out.

To help you, we’ve outlined some quick tips for a successful Google and YouTube Ads campaign.

1.  Think carefully about your target audience and what they want to see

The key to successful video advertising is not to make it obvious it’s an ad. Think about the types of video ads that your customers would want to watch from start to finish. Ginger Digital can help you figure out this type of interactive ad creation.

2.  Showcase customer opinions/testimonials in the video

Customers tend to read reviews before purchasing, so in your video marketing, you may want to include this within your ad. Evoking emotional responses can be tremendously effective.

3.   Don’t make them too long

Keep them short and sweet. Particularly if you’re running Google and YouTube video advertising campaigns in the middle of other videos, ergo, taking their attention away from what they were initially watching.

4.  Do your research

As with any PPC or social media advertising campaign, you need to understand what your target audience wants to see. It’s no good simply assuming; as that almost guarantees your Google and YouTube campaign isn’t going to be as effective.

To show Google Ads and targeting of prospects on a tablet and internet

Help from an Experienced Agency

Video PPC advertising can feel like a minefield sometimes; navigating the right keywords to choose, content to push out as well as the strategy can all feel overwhelming. But Ginger Digital can help you.

We produce videos for paid advertising, which are designed to help deliver a greater ROI than running standard Google Ads without video. Give us a call to talk through our process and how we can help you maximise the ROI on any Google Ads you run.

  • Objective setting
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign creation
  • Ad copy
  • Set campaign live
  • Optimisation
  • Reporting

Success strategy

We have developed a 7-step digital success strategy to ensure we are providing the best service possible. We also pride ourselves on being transparent in our process throughout, ensuring our clients are fully informed with regular reporting.

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What our clients say

  • Ginger have generated really good quality leads, we are excited by these early results and look forward to even greater gains in the following months.

    Iain Gray, Business Growth & Partnership Manager, MSC R&D
  • We’ve been really pleased with the results. Over the 3 week campaign our website views increased by 400%, the video had over 80,000 views, and we sold £300K of our product.

    Stuart Devoil, Group Head of Marketing, James Latham Ltd
  • The best news was that the video, which was for a specific event was responsible for an increase in attendees signing up for the event. After the video went live we had to increase the event room capacity.

    Victoria Hormigo, Managing Director, Libreea
  • We visited Ginger's studio to film content for our company's website. The team were extremely helpful and clearly experts in the services they offered.

    Wesley Dowe, Capture Consultant, Kefron
  • What really impressed us about working with Ginger is that they are so much more than just a video production company; they took our marketing strategy and built around that in order to give us the right product.

    Chris Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Nymad
  • We want to add real value to our clients and in Ginger we found a partner that understands what we are trying to get across and are also able to deliver that in a really effective way.