Maximising Google ads campaigns

Are you running, or thinking of running Google Ads campaigns?

Video should be an integral part of that campaign and we can help you to transform your conversions, which will bring you increased enquiries and sales.

We all know that video is a great communication tool. However, here at Ginger Digital we produce videos specifically for paid advertising and these deliver a greater ROI than running ads without video.

We will run your digital campaigns and ensure we are achieving your goals with targeted video at the heart of those campaigns.  

This will then talk directly to your prospects about their issues and pains, explaining why your services or products are the solution to their problems.

Paid campaigns can absolutely deliver great results for your business.  However, many of our clients initially contact us saying they are happy with the traffic they get from Google ads but they are disappointed with the conversions and results.

We have improved those results by using video as an integral part of their campaigns. We are diligent in ensuring that we are tracking our results throughout the paid campaign and reporting back to you to maintain transparency.

Give us a call to talk through our process and how we could help you maximise the return on any Google ads campaign you run.

Start project

  • Objective setting
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign creation
  • Ad copy
  • Set campaign live
  • Optimisation
  • Reporting

Success strategy

We have developed a 7-Step digital success strategy to ensure we are providing the best service possible. We also pride ourselves on being transparent in our process throughout, ensuring our clients are fully informed with regular reporting.

Start project

What our clients say

  • Ginger have generated really good quality leads, we are excited by these early results and look forward to even greater gains in the following months.

    Iain Gray, Business Growth & Partnership Manager, MSC R&D
  • We’ve been really pleased with the results. Over the 3 week campaign our website views increased by 400%, the video had over 80,000 views, and we sold £300K of our product.

    Stuart Devoil, Group Head of Marketing, James Latham Ltd
  • The best news was that the video, which was for a specific event was responsible for an increase in attendees signing up for the event. After the video went live we had to increase the event room capacity.

    Victoria Hormigo, Managing Director, Libreea
  • We visited Ginger's studio to film content for our company's website. The team were extremely helpful and clearly experts in the services they offered.

    Wesley Dowe, Capture Consultant, Kefron
  • What really impressed us about working with Ginger is that they are so much more than just a video production company; they took our marketing strategy and built around that in order to give us the right product.

    Chris Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Nymad
  • We want to add real value to our clients and in Ginger we found a partner that understands what we are trying to get across and are also able to deliver that in a really effective way.